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[Wet ‘n Wild Logo]


WET 'n WILD - ORLANDO 6200 International Drive Orlando, Florida 32819 (407) 351-1800 (800) 992-WILD FAX (407) 363-1147

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Wet ‘n Wild is now Closed!

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Wet ‘n Wild Coupons, Savings and Theme Park Description for 2024

Ready for some fun in the water? Wet 'n' Wild Florida has it all! Stop at all four of the most thrilling rides this park has to offer. From the Bomb Bay where you will experience a 6 story plunge as your body slide down a scary steep plume, to the Storm which will spiral you all the way down to the cooling water below, you will surely feel your heart pounding the whole time! Other thrilling rides include the Mach V where you can one of three flumes to ride tummy down, and the Der Stuka - another vertical free fall down a 6 story slide! If you're planning on visiting Wet 'n' Wild with a group, there isn't anything more fun than going through a ride together! Some of the best rides include The Surge where you and 3 other guests pile in to a float and ride through 600 feet of curves and bends spread down a 5 story flume! The Flyer is another four person toboggan ride that promises spirals and turns like no other as you toboggan your way down to the end. For you and your partner, try out The Blast. This is a duo ride on a raft that carried you down what is a 'ruptured pipeline'! Best of all is Wet 'n' Wild's Brain Wash where four guests can take a 53 foot vertical drop through an incredibly enthralling funnel! For families looking for a couple of gentle attractions, be sure to stop at the Lazy River where inner tubes take you through a relaxing journey down the river, the Blastaway Beach with two pools, slides and interactive water elements, and last the Surf Lagoon complete with tidal waves! Some fun extras at this park include paddle boarding (a cool option for those who haven't tried this before), wake skating and knee skiing - all quite novel in the arena of waterparks!

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Wet ‘n Wild is now Closed!

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